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The welcome Alain Ducasse

The welcome Alain Ducasse

A native of the Landes, Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous conductors of his generation at the head of three restaurants each awarded three Michelin stars in Monaco, Paris and London. Chef, restaurants designer, innkeeper and trainer, Alain Ducasse has developed in thirty years a unique know-how that is expressed in many activities in the world of art of good living and good eating contemporaries.

Head to original creations, he brings his expertise, quality conscious paid to every detail and precision of the techniques used. The desire to convey is the heart of all its projects. Alain Ducasse likes train and lead teams that interpret his score at the highest level. In the conduct of its business, he continually heart sharing a passion and knowledge transfer. His insatiable curiosity enables him to absorb the world’s diversity and cultural richness.

Which kind fo food do we want for the future? The Slow Food movement, created in 1989 by Carlo Oetrini, has a clear answer to that question. Our food choices engage us still beyond fo simple cooking. They make us asking about our relationship with nature and producers. When he choose local products, resulting from eco-friendly productions, the consumer establish the virtuous circle of sustainable development. In this perspective, moreover, lies the real foundation of pleasure, sice producing in tune with nature is warrenty of an healtier product all along.

As a chef, I believe in those values too: before cooking there’s nature and producers are the best friends of cooks. This is the reason why, when in 1999 Jean Pierre Rous founded the Monaco-Riviera-Côte d’Azur Convivium, and offered me to participate, I accepted willingly.

Since its birth, the Convivium supports various actitities in order to promote genuine products. In particular it organizes some amazing taste-workshops, out-and-out thematic laboratories that allow us to discover and better know and consumers education on food safety. Finally, it plays a foundamental role in order to protect and promote the customs and traditions of this great mediterranean region.

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Slow Food is a major international non-profit association committed to give the right value to food, in respect of those who produce, in harmony with the environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which they are custodians territories and traditions. Slow Food is working every day in 150 countries to promote good nutrition, clean and fair for all.


A growing worldwide network that gives voice to those who want to build from the bottom a different model of food production that respects the balance of nature, the dignity of producers, consumers’ health. They are part of the Earth Mother peasants, farmers, fishermen, cooks, academics, students, consumers, who share the same desire: to safeguard the territory and guarantee everyone a good, clean and fair. Terra Madre is the meeting between representatives of the global network (in Turin every two years) and regional networks (in Tours, Bilbao, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Dar es Salam, etc.). Terra Madre is a set of local projects on five continents that protect biodiversity and promote short supply chains and taste education.


The Salone Internazionale del Gusto, organized by Slow Food, the Piedmont Region and the City of Turin in its seventh edition, is a food market, a meeting place and gathering where he engaged in the economy and the exchange of food and wine culture. The goal is to provide consumers and visitors of signs to know and learn to choose food. The Hall becomes a real place for debate on the major issues: the supply chain to consumers, from advertising to education, everything, in short, what concerns gastronomy and economy associated with it.



L’association Slow Food Monaco Riviera Côte d'Azur se compose de restaurateurs, hôteliers, ou même de simples personnes qui aiment la bonne cuisine, l’alimentation propre et la qualité de la vie. On peut devenir membres dans plusieurs manières, au but de soutenir et participer à l’association d’une façon active et importante. L’association a établi des différentes typologies d’inscription.

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